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New Lactation Room at My Office
by. Dolvin ≈ May 27, 2015
Yesterday I was invited to opening ceremony of our new lactation room
The room was so nice and comfortable.. with 5 sofa and curtain per room and it had a pastel color
and it had a refrigerator to keep milk still cold
too bad I already not pumping anymore.. Maybe if someday, my little girl have a little brother/sister, I can try that room hahaha..

Lactation Room is open now!

And this is our photo there.. xixixi..

Us @ New Lactation Room

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Blessed May - Part 3
by. Dolvin ≈ May 26, 2015

2 days ago was my birthday ^^

My Birthday Ice Cream Cupcakes

We went to Bogor to celebrate it!
We went to kuntum farmfield. it's a quite big farm with various farm animals
My little CG enjoyed it very much.. 
Glad to see her happy like that :)

In there we could give milk to goat and cow
Playing and feeding rabbit.. fishing.. and riding a horse..

Fish pool

Feeding Goat

Black and white cow

Feeding ducks.. kwek.. kwek..

And when is getting hotter.. we decided to went to other place to hang out
And we drop by at Momo Milk Barn
Smaller if we compare it with Cimory.. but it's oke lah..
Nice place and so crowded.. we had to take a queue to get a seat

Momo Milk Barn

I ordered match kitkat green tea milkshake.. Chai" tried chocolate milkshake and strawberry milk for our little one..
The taste was a little bit unique.. for me, the original milk (which is my CG's) was better than the milkshakes

Our milk menu

And for food, we just tried siomay.. hihi..
Coz we just ate it for snack not our lunch menu

And About 5 pm we went back to Jakarta
The traffic jam was ok, until km 17 haha..

Its a nice, refreshing and fun holiday for us!
Thanks hunih to fulfill my birthday request hihi.. muahhh  

Here's the address : ^^

Kuntum Farmfield Nursery
Jalan Raya Tajur No.291, Jawa Barat 16145

Momo Milk Barn
Jl. Kantor Pos No. 6, Bogor Timur, Bogor

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Blessed May - Part 2
by. Dolvin ≈ May 18, 2015
Second week of May, we did culinary trip at PIK
Yeheyy.. Finally, we tried Hello Kitty Restaurant.. Every food in this restaurant was so cute.. coz its so pinky and almost everything there had Kiity Shape.. the plafon, chair, and the food too
we tried Kitty bakpao, Kitty pudding and Durian pancake for my Chai" hoho.. and for drinks we tried soya milk and iced lychee tea
The taste was so so, but its oke lah..  ^^

Hello Kitty Pudding

Hello Kitty Bakpao

Durian Pancake for my hunih

And before we went to other place, Mom n Kiddo not forget to do selfie.. haha..

Mom and CG Selfie

After that we stopped by at Regina Caeli Church
nice church with nice design.. no wonder so many people like to do the prewedding there hoho..

Regina Caeli Church at PIK

And for dinner, we ate at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
The pork bak kut soup was so delicious.. Chai" ordered the pork bak kut soup, fish soup, beancurd and kailan..
so many things but we ate them all.. nyammmmmm.....  

Our menu at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

Actually we want to go to Manggrove jungle.. but when we arrived there, the jungle already closed huhu..
Maybe next time we will go there again, to visit that Manggrove jungle  
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Blessed May - Part 1
by. Dolvin ≈ May 18, 2015
This May, I felt so blessed coz I have several days to do family hang out ^^
In this early of May, we went to Kemang
Actually we didn't have plan to go there.. but since we caught by a heavy traffic jam.. we turn our way to Kemang..

We having lunch at Pizza Marzano.. we ate delicious bacon with egg pizza and bread for our appetizer.. 

Our appetizer

Our bacon pizza

After that we went to Playparq to play with our kiddo
Nice place with indoor, outdoor and water play playground..
Me and my kiddo love it so much!

Outdoor playground at Playparq Kemang

Playparq Water Play

I think next time we will went to this playground again coz its not too expensive like other playgrounds in the mall and it has water play to teach CG not to afraid to playing with water  
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Another Whitey is coming!
by. Dolvin ≈ May 11, 2015
Yay! If my white was coming last year.. this year another whitey is coming to my pocket.. hahaha..

I am interested to this gadget since appeared in radio ads
and waiting until its PO showing up haha..
actually this gadget is too expensive.. but since I've got donation from my hubby.. (thanks hunihh) I decided to buy it ..

I love the design.. and quite fast ya, I can shoot my little girl just a few second.. the photo quality is not inferior to iphone..
and its has a unique features in its edge.. I can call to some people that I tag there with slide it in.. and I can see notification stream from there..
So, even though its overprice.. I love it so much!! hihihi... 

My New S6 Edge!

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