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(Another) Little Project of Mine
by. Dolvin ≈ August 24, 2015
Almost this 2 weeks, I working on another little project about my kiddo hoho
I found this online scrapbooking from google.. and I tried it out
I liked it, coz we can upload our own photo or video in there.. and they already provided us the attributes like photo frames, background or another cute attributes ^^

Yeah of course, I working on it on my lunch time or if my boss was not around (ops) hahaha.. coz it almost imposible did that at my home with my kiddo around me hahahha..

And it's already finished now! 
I put it at my baby blog, using Flipbook. Love it!
I think I will make another scrapbook, every step of her life
So she can see and read it when she already grow up  

My (Another) Little Project

The scrapbooking online website : cliptomize.com
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Dating Time
by. Dolvin ≈ August 18, 2015
After all this time, we went for dating again hoho..
Ikkudo Ichi was so delicious ya.. I love it, especially Ikkudo's Buta Kara (Pork Ramen with Ikkudo sauce)

Our Ramen at Ikkudo Ichi

After enjoy the ramen, we watched Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation
it's really full action, but I though Tom Cruise was take all action on him coz almost all the scene, his team member just chit-chat throughout the movie. But overall it's okelah.. we still enjoyed the movie

And for dinner we ate Vegas Hotdog, actually the hot dog was just 12 cm.. but quite delicious ya
I tried the Italy Hotdog and Chai" tried the Washington D.C Hotdog.. Washington was better, but both were quite tasty

Us at Vegas Hotdog

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Eid Holiday '15
by. Dolvin ≈ July 23, 2015
This Eid holiday, we went to several places.. it's quite fun! ^^
But my hubby didn't feet the same way, coz he got sore eyes huhu..

Day 1 :
It's a Rockstar Gym time! (as usual, I bought voucher for 7 days pass from Groupon) to take CG did the gymnasium and baby ballet
Waiting for Baby Ballet Class
Actually I was curious too.. is she like ballet or not.. coz I have plan to put her into a ballet class when she is about 5-6 years old
And.. she liked it! It's so cute, looking her follow the teacher turn around and did tiptoe around the class  

Day 2 :
We went to BSD to stay at my parents house
Actually we want to go to Aeon Mall, but since we already too late.. and the traffic jam was long.. we just took a rest at the house 

Day 3 :
We tried Bintaro Xchange Mall.. through the freeway, it's quite near from BSD ya..
That mall is quite nice, CG played chu chu train and (free) slider.. and you know what, CG likes to hanging first at the bars before he slide down haha..
Hanging on the sliding bars ^^
And in front of Bintaro Xc, it had a wide park. In there so many children run away and some of them were playing bubbles.. and of course, CG loved to join them ^^
Me, CG, Mom n Dad @ Bintaro Xc Park
Day 4 :
Aeon Mall, here we come!
This mall is still crowded.. We just ate at Food court and took CG played at Playtime..
Actually I want to take CG to play at the playground inside the Aeon store but I though Playtime was more fun for her 
The ticket for children for two hours 
Weekday : Rp.80.000
Weekend : Rp.100.000 
and the first guide who enter the playground was free
Playing balls! Blue one is always be mine!
She really enjoyed there, she played balls, piano, sand, beans, lego, cooking, jumping hoho.. and after we played there we asked her.. 
"Are you happy?" and she said.. "Happy!" with a big smile  

Day 5 :
This day, we went to JEC (Jakarta Eye Center) 
coz Chai" eyes getting red and getting hurt than before
But the doctor said, the medicine was correct and the side effect was like that.. huh..
So, since the medicine was correct.. Chai" took ponstan to overcome his sore
And after that, we went to Kota Kasablanka to join Rockstar Gym.
But since CG still sleeping, we hang out at Billie Chic first hoho..
Our drinks ^^
this day CG was so excited.. coz every time there was a practise like walking in the bar or hanging on the bar.. she'll go first hihi

Day 6 :
We went to Rockstar Gym again! (for the last time)
That day we just joined the gymnastic class and baby dance.. actually there was another class that CG could join but since she already sleepy, we just played around the Rockstar while she's eating
Playing footbal (with hands) haha..
and I just found out that football field was empty coz no exercise schedule that time, so we played ball until her food was finished and she already tired to play haha..

Day 7 :
We just stayed at home, coz actually we already working that day but since out babysitter was not arrived yet, I just stayed at home taking care of my cute kiddo ^^

Huahh.. the holiday was already over!
For me, it's fun.. but too bad my hubby not enjoyed his holiday coz his eyes was sore  :(
Get well soon, hunih!
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Minions (2015)
by. Dolvin ≈ June 23, 2015
Minionsss is coming!
Last night I watched minions with Chai"
even I didn't understand the minions' language.. its still cute and funny ^^
it's told us when minion not met with Gru yet and they already exist since age of dinosaurs


This is 10 Facts about Minions that I got from facebook

10 Facts about Minions
10 Facts about Minions

And this is my new Minions Collection

New Minions Collection

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Lunch @ Aeon Mall, BSD
by. Dolvin ≈ June 4, 2015
Last Sunday, we went to new mall at BSD City.. the name was Aeon Mall
This mall was quite big but since this was a new mall, the phone signal here was so bad, so we not too enjoy there coz we were afraid to walk separately
But almost all of outlet already opened

Fountain @ Aeon Mall

In its outdoor, it had a fountain 
when we were there, the fountain just did the trial.. 
so many kids played there, include my nephew and other kids.. 
they just running around the fountain
but my little CG just enjoyed the view coz she still afraid to playing there ^^

Me and my little one in front of Aeon Fountain

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