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Welcome My 2nd Baby Girl!
by. Dolvin ≈ November 23, 2016
Last week our 2nd Baby already born  

"Caitlin Patricia Lazuardy"
Born November 16th, 2016 at 09.49 am
With weight 2.750 kg & 47 cm length

My 2nd baby already born ^^

She was so beautiful like her sister ^^

I feel more relaxed during the SC operation this time, perhaps because this is my second surgery in my life.. hoho..
and maybe because of that too.. My breast milk came out faster than the first time.. *happy* 

This is my breast milk that pumped this morning.. so happy!

My Day 7 Breast Milk

I hope my breast milk always sufficient at least 1 year ahead.. *pray*

and I hope my CG and her little sister always get along.. coz this time, sometimes CG felt jealous when I carried her sister..
but she quite often kissed and caress her little sister.. hihi.. so sweet of her!
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My Early Maternity Leave
by. Dolvin ≈ November 13, 2016
I just took my maternity leave at November 7th, but actually I will do SC 1 week later.. coz I want to spend this week with my little girl first ^^

I love spent this week with my CG!

For this week, I took her to her school.. in there, while waiting her studied, I've been watched some grandpa and grandma to do Tai Chi..
Actually they already 70 years old.. but they were still healthy (wow).. maybe, when I have a time like this again next time (when my belly not this big), I will join them hahaha..

Watched Tai Chi

After school, I took her to play sliding at small mall near my house..
I was so happy, there was free sliding there.. 
coz this little girl loveeee sliding very much!  

CG Loves Sliding Very Much.. haha..

And when her school was off.. I took her to do ballet trial at Namarina
actually, CG was accepted as a student there, but since Chai" still confusing, how to take her there.. it have to postpone first.. huhu

Ballet Trial at Namarina

Huahh.. this week was goes by so quickly..
I hope after recover from giving birth, I can spend my leave to take her to her school again and playing with her and my little baby (of course) at mall maybe.. hohoho..

wish me luck for SC next wednesday ya  
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Playing @ Paws n Tails Dog Cafe
by. Dolvin ≈ October 3, 2016
Few weeks ago, we went to Paws n Tails Dog Cafe, Gading Serpong
It's quite expensive ya for playing a dogs.. It costs @50.000 / person / hour, But since our little girl still 3 years old so she's got free enterance ^^

Actually, when the first time she came in, she was afraid coz Siberian Husky and Samoyed were coming to her and those dogs were bigger then her hihi..

Siberian Husky & Samoyed

But later she's so happy plaing with the little dog.. especially the long dog (made me think of hot dogs.. yummy.. haha) called Corgy.. she's playing ball with that corgy until that dog felt boring with it hahaha..

The fur was so fluffy

Cute corgy dog

He slept on my thigh ^^

And I just found out that those dogs had a sleeping time ya.. coz when it's already 12 o'clock, one by one was took their favorite place and sleep.

Dogs Sleeping Time

Huahh.. I love dogs.. especially big dog like Husky ot Samoyed..
When yaa, we can have a dog in our home? ^^
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Bali Trip '16
by. Dolvin ≈ June 11, 2016
This early of June, we went to Bali..
Actually I and Chai" a little bit worried, coz this was CG's first plane.. ^^
I already prepared the earmuff for her ear and Yupi candy so she could chew while the plane was took off

Our plane was took off at 5.40 am.. so we went to the airport at 2.30 am hahaha.. (so early ya.. hoeemmmm..) While we in the waiting room.. CG was so excited, she just ran around the room and singing.. 

And when the plane was took off.. she a little bit shocked with its sound, so I just gave her Yupi so she can relax.. it's running smoothly.. and she quite enjoy the flight (thanks God!)

CG first flight!

At Bali, we stayed at Surfer Bliss Hotel.. this was our hotel looks like ^^

Our Hotel @ Bali

We arrived at Bali about 9 am.. and we went to Pura Ulun Danu, Bedugul..
It's quite far yaa.. it's took about 2 hours.. 
The view there was great.. and a little bit windy..
and you know what.. I met my college there hahaha.. (it's a small world ya)

Full team photo @ Pura Ulun Danu, Bedugul

Day 2, we went to Uluwatu Monkey Forest and GWK.. took some pictures and bought a clothe for our CG..

Wefie at Uluwatu Monkey Forest

CG @ Turtle Pool, GWK

and having a dinner at Jimbaran Beach Restaurant, actually this restaurant was quite romantic but since the outdoor already full.. so we just took indoor.. 
Btw, this restaurant was very recommended at almost every website that I surf before.. but the food was so so.. and we have to wait about 1 hour until the food was came... @_@

Romantic View @ Jimbaran Beach Restaurant

Day 3, we went to Bebek Tepi Sawah, Ubud
the view was good.. but it;s a little bit overprice for us, especially the duck menu 
(it's my menu haha)

Us at Bebek Tepi Sawah, Ubud

The expensive duck menu <img src=''>

after that, we planned to went to Ubud Market, but since there was no parking lot.. we skipped and went to Sukowati Market..
My Chai' was bargain a lot there.. and we got so many clothes 
And before we back to our Hotel, we stopped by at Sanur Beach.. playing sand and having a dinner there

Sanur Beach was so windy

And actually when we arrived at Legian street.. the street was closed by Bali resident coz there was traditional ceremony.. and after we tried to through it with alternate way.. we still cannot reached our hotel.. coz it's forbidden.
And since we took CG.. and it's too pity for her to sleep in the car.. we decided to take a room at Mercure Hotel (nearest Hotel with ours) and it's so expensive.. 
it's about 1.7 million rupiah for 1 night without breakfast.. coz it's a last minutes booking they said.. huhu..

Day 4, which is our last day in Bali
we dun went to far from airport.. we just took around in Legian street to bought sandals for me coz.. my sandal was so slippery and bought souvenir at Krisna Shop..

And before we went to the airport, I and CG took a temporary tattoo first
for me.. of course it's a Dolphin! hohoho...

Our Tattoo...

Bye.. Bye.. Bali.. Next time when we come here again, I think there will be a new family member of us..  
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My Birthday '16
by. Dolvin ≈ May 25, 2016
This year, we celebrated it at Cloud, The Plaza
This building was really nice ya.. and since this was the first time we went to Cloud, looking for this restaurant was confusing hahaha..

Dinner at Clout, The Plaza

But unfortunately that place was already booked so we just can sit in the middle, I ordered Beef steak and Chai" ordered Pork steak


My Food ^^
it's delicious.. the chili was unique but delicious ^^
and quite expensive too hahaha..

Maybe next time if we go to this place again, I'll try to sit at the outdoor, coz the view was great from there :)

I Love you, hun..

The Plaza, Lantai 49, Altitude, 
Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta
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