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Captain America - The First Avenger
by. Dolvin ≈ September 19, 2011
Last week, I with Chai" watched Captain America..
actually, the movie is so so.. but the actor is look cool and its like a really superhero ya.. coz he never failed and always won haha..

after the movie over, just like other Marvel movies, we wait until the "starring" things is over.. then other Marvel synopsis will come out..
and this time is "The Avenger"..
I think the next superhero movie "The Avenger" is more cool 
my Chai" is can wait to that movie.. but it will launch at May 2012 ya.. omg still long..

This is the Captain America Synopsis :

Captain America

It is 1942, America has entered World War II, and sickly but determined Steve Rogers is frustrated at being rejected yet again for military service. Everything changes when Dr. Erksine recruits him for the secret Project Rebirth. Proving his extraordinary courage, wits and conscience, Rogers undergoes the experiment and his weak body is suddenly enhanced into the maximum human potential. When Dr. Erksine is then immediately assassinated by an agent of Nazi Germany's head of its secret HYDRA research department, Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull, Rogers is left as a unique man who is initially misused as a propaganda mascot. However, when his comrades need him, Rogers goes on a successful adventure that truly makes him Captain America and his war against Schmidt begins.

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Eid Ul Fitr holidays @ Sanghyang Anyer
by. Dolvin ≈ September 19, 2011
wah this story is already stale I think.. but I'll write it.. since so long, I has not updated the blog.. ^^

in Eid Ul Fitr holidays.. I with my hubby and my family went to Anyer.. so quite there.. coz when I go there, still in fasting month.. hihi..
so no tatto in the beach.. no banana boat.. haha..
my hubby get gored when the first time we arrived there.. but over time, he liked it.. coz seeing sea and heard the waves is so relaxing ^^
and in there, we trying the Hotspring Spa.. that is spa using hot water to massaging.. after spa, we felt like we've got pouch all over the body hahaha.. but fresh 

we drank roasted coconut..
the taste is so so la.. my parents and Chai" liked it.. but it's too sweet for me..

playing badminton in the Sanghyang field with my Dad.. hihi..
and before we go home, we ride a fishing boat with fisherman there and saw the burning ferry.. so scary.. @_@

after that we just spent our holiday at home.. reunion with my college friends and meet Chai" friends..
and holiday is over and we have go back to our reality.. hihi..
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Movie Rush
by. Dolvin ≈ August 11, 2011
Last 2 weeks are Movie weeks.. ^^

so long time, I don't watch a good movie in XXI or Blitz..
and when I heard the harry potter will coming soon.. I immediately bought the tickets.. hoho..

Harry Potter is a great movie.. I like it!!
but because nandini is the last Horcrux they have to kill, Chai" was close his eyes and didn't watch the battle between Harry and Voldemort..  

harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2

and one week after that, suddenly my Chai" called me and said that he already bought tickets for transformer.. haha..
that's so greatt!!  

even though Transformer is a little bit long and it's almost midnight.. but I don't feel bored and sleepy at all.. it's full action movie.. hohoho....

Transformer 3

and mission complete!  

I can't wait to watch another coming soon movie.. ^^
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Nanny's Pavilion (Bathroom)
by. Dolvin ≈ July 25, 2011
Last Saturday, I went with Chai" and my Mom to Pacific Place and try new restaurant called Nanny's Pavilion (Bathroom).
I just wondering why they wrote "bathroom".. and actually they designed the restaurant looks like bathroom with towels, shower.. and some chairs is using closet and the table is using bathtub..

but although they designed as bathroom, it's nice.. and so comfortable ^^
and the pricing is a little bit expensive but its delicious... yummy..

I think next time, I will try the other Nanny's Pavilion in Jakarta.. hihi..

This is some pictures of it that I took from openrice 

Nanny's Pavilion Enterance

We sat here.. ^^

Nice mirror with towel

Tables with shower on it

Bathtub Table

Closet Chairs

Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom
Pacific Place Mall, unit 4 - 50,51
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan
Tel. 021 5140 2726
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10 Unique Spa Treatments in the World
by. Dolvin ≈ July 22, 2011
1. Masks from bird droppings
Bird Drop SpaAt Ten Thousand Waves Spa, Santa Fe, USA, facial mask treatment packages available that use materials from nightingale droppings (luscinia megarhynchos). High levels of nitrogen in bird droppings can reliably eliminate bacteria on the skin and remove dead skin cells with gentle when compared with the peeling. It is said that this mask has been used since hundreds of years ago by the geisha in Japan. Wear in the face for 55 minutes, with regular use, these masks will make the skin brighter and softer.

2. Fish pedicure
Fish PedicureClean and manicured nails must be part of the women beauty treatment. Now there is a unique pedicure, namely with the help of small fish called doctor fish to clean the dead skin cells on the foot. In this treatment, feet dipped into the pond that contains fish doctor. The fish are toothless it actually has long used to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, so as not dangerous.

3. Viagra for hair
Hair ViagraThere is a salon in London, Hari’s Salon, which combines the bull sperm and katera, the roots of plants from Iran which is rich in protein, which is used to treat damaged hair. Nursing named Aberdeen Organic Bull Sperm is believed effective to enrich the hair, protect and care for hair damage.

4. Soak in beer

Beer SpaAfter a busy day, return the freshness of the body in a dark beer marinade. Relaxation therapy is offered by a hotel in the Republic Czech. It is said that vitamins in beer could restore youthful skin and relax tense muscles. In addition, this beer therapy can be trusted to brighten skin and good hair. Treatment is done by soaking for 20 minutes and supplemented with 20 minutes of relaxation.

5. Ramen noodle bath
Ramen BathHave you ever imagined being in a sea of noodles? Now that dream can be realized at the Spa Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, Japan. This spa has treatments to soak in the ramen noodles, collagen, and garlic extract. It is said that this therapy can improve skin metabolism. Hm .. like what do they smell of our bodies after leaving the “bowl” that mi?

6. Olive oil treatment
Olive Oil TreatementOlive oil properties in the world of beauty had been famous since the first. In the Murad Spa, California, USA, you can feel the warmth of eucalyptus and tea tree are soaked in olive oil. Solvent is then dicipratkan to the whole body until uniform. In this way, dry skin and hair will absorb a maximum of olive oil.

7. Massage a golf ball

Golf Ball MassageYou who like to try out different massage techniques massage therapy can now get to use a golf ball. Contained massage at The Spa Four Seasons Resort combines stretching and therapeutic techniques (energy therapy for healing and reduces pain) before entering into the core of therapy, namely massage with warm golf balls. Parts of the body massage is a big muscle on the back of the spine and neck. The result, these body parts in a more relaxed and flexible.

8. Gold Facial
Gold FacialIn addition to be used as accessories and jewelry, even gold has more value in the beauty, that is as anti-inflammatory. Facials with 24-karat gold powder is believed to increase the firmness of skin, fight free radicals, brighten skin, and gives effect to the skin golden.

9. Grass traps

Grass TrapsSince the year 1903, the Hotel Heubad in northern Italy has a body treatment called Hay Bath. Spa guests who want to try will be asked to lie on the floor mat of cloth, and then her whole body dumped by a straw or grasses that have been warmed, up to the neck. After that, the straw fabric will wrap the body laid out on a heated water bed temperature around 107 degrees celsius. When the shower of grass is done five times a week, is believed to eliminate sore muscles and joints. However, this therapy is not recommended for those who have a history of allergy.

10. Scrub with cactus
Cactus ScrubIf most people are afraid of cactus thorn, Apuane Spa spa therapists from the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Mexico, just use the cactus as the core of their care. Cactus Hakali massage is just not seseram name. Therapy begins with a gentle massage using a lotion made from leaves of sage tequila. Then the width of cactus leaves attached to the skin, of course, once removed a thorn-thorn. This plant has been known to remove toxins and hydrate the skin.
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