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Culinary Trip @ Y&Y Pacific Place
by. Dolvin ≈ July 9, 2012
Next culinary voucher that I bought is at Y&Y Pacific Place 
Y&Y Pacific Place
Last Sunday, we went to Pacific Place to eat there
we ate at Y&Y boat (finally, I felt ate there hihi..)
and I just realized that they drew cloud at the ceilings.. so beautifull ya..
it makes us feel like in the real boat..

Like usually, we are so narcism there..
But if we are using SLR so often, when we use digital cameras, it seemed less satisfied ya 

We ordered Pasta Black Pepper Tagliatelle with Salmon, Lasagna and Seafood Marinara Pizza.. The taste wasn't special but it's oke..
But the thing that I concern is they use so many oil..
I could see the oil of the bottom of my pasta bowl and the bottom of our pizza @_@

For drinks, I ordered Bye-Bye Cholestrol (Peach & Orange) this is nice and sweet
and Chai" ordered Lime? (I forgot the name), he said its too sour hihi..

But.. is that restaurant is expensive or are we order too much?
coz with my Rp.200.000 voucher.. we still have to pay about Rp.100.000 haha..
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The Amazing Spider-Man
by. Dolvin ≈ July 9, 2012
Last saturday, I with my hubby watched new version of Spiderman movie
This movie is another version of Spiderman..

He use tools to release his web and he is so often open his mask.. even his girlfriend knew who he is from the first time
a little bit funny.. especially when he cannot controlled his power

Overall, I like the movie.. the plot is good, the effect was cool and the outfit is new too.. this spiderman use glasses for cover his eyes..

The Amazing Spider-man

But where is Stan Lee ya?
Chai" said he always show up at every Marvel movie.. humm..
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Culinary Trip @ D'Consulate
by. Dolvin ≈ June 4, 2012
This lately so many restaurant voucher from Disdus & Living Social.. and I'm so uncontrolled to buy it..
suddenly, I just realize that I already bought 5 vouchers hahaha..

so I decided to have a culinary trip every week with my hubby 
and we used our first voucher last sunday at

Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim 49-51
Jakarta Pusat 10340


Cozy place.. and its dominated by purple..
actually at the first time, we sat on the sofa at the corner.. but suddenly I dun feel comfortable there, since so many India guy sit beside us..
so we moved to other sofa that only 1 India man sat there.. (so many India there ya) but after a few minutes we are disturbed by the smell of his sisha..


so we moved again for the third times.. until the waitress was confuse why we're move again.. hihi..

actually in the right side of that restaurant.. there is another cozy sofa..
but when we asked the waiter.. he said, if we want to sit there, they will charge us 1 million.. (whatt??)
expensive ya, for the sofa hihi.. maybe because it has their own television and game stick.. and actually there are some people sat there.. rich man I think.. humm..
but for me, It is not worth it .. *shake head

For the food.. thumbs up..
Since beef tenderloin was out of stock.. they gave us lamb menu..
I try the Osobokcco ala Milanese
and Chai" try Lamb Shank in Curry with Raisin grape

both was so delicious.. yummy.. 
but the portions was so big.. and Chai" cannot finish his steak hihi..

and with voucher that I already bought.. we just pay for our drinks last night..
its perfecto.. hihi..

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Fixing My Tozy's Tire
by. Dolvin ≈ June 4, 2012
Last saturday, I went to workshop to change Tozy tires, coz its tire already thin..
and its already shaking hard..
so, we went to Otista to change it and changed the shockbreaker too.. because it is already damaged.. no wonder why its shaking so hard..
Mando Shockbreaker
after we change those things.. hey.. my car like new again..
the shaking is so soft.. love it..

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Dinner Invitation @ Skye
by. Dolvin ≈ May 28, 2012
Last saturday, Chai got invitations to join the opening of Skye, new restaurant at Menara BCA.
That restaurant is so cool.. and with that invitation we can choose our own appetizer, main course and dessert.. so nice ya ^^

from the window, we can see Jakarta at night.. so cool!!
Jakarta at Night from Skye
and Skye is have an outdoor.. 
so windy out there.. but because all of us are so narcism.. we still took a lot of picture there hihi..

They said, this restaurant will be open officially this wednesday.. 
so if you want to come this weekend.. please come for dinner.. you will like it.. ^^

Skye @ Menara BCA
Beer at Skye
Me & Chai at Skye
Us and Chai's friends at Skye
Us at Skye Outdoor

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