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Rise of the Guardians
by. Dolvin ≈ December 3, 2012
Yesterday, me & Chai" went to EX to watch Rise of the Guardians
nice xmas movie ya.. I like it

it tell us about boogeyman (Pitch Black) that want to destroy children dream and imagination and about jack frost that looking for his own identity.
So, santa claus, easter bunny, tooth fairy, sandman and Jac Frost as the child guardians, together against pitch black.
funny and so entertaining ^^

Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians

Synopsis : When the evil spirit Pitch launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children all around the world.
Stars : Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin and Isla Fisher

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Swarovsky Crystal
by. Dolvin ≈ December 3, 2012
yesterday, in Plaza Indonesia.. there is 50% all items for swarovsky crystal
The queque was so long.. coz we only have 15 minutes to look around.. buy or not, we have to get out after 15 minutes hihi..

so beautiful and so sparkling..  love it!

Here is the description that I've got from wikipedia ^^

Swarovski Crystal

The Swarovski Crystal range includes crystal glass sculptures and miniatures, jewelry and couture, home decor, and chandeliers. And all sculptures are marked with a logo.

To create crystal glass that lets light refract in a rainbow spectrum, Swarovski coats some of its products with special metallic chemical coatings. Aurora Borealis, or "AB", is one of the most popular coatings, and gives the surface a rainbow appearance. Other coatings are named by the company, Crystal Transmission, Volcano, Aurum, and Dorado. Coatings may be applied to only part of an object; others are coated twice, and thus are designated AB 2X, Dorado 2X etc.

In 2004 Swarovski released Xilion, a copyrighted cut designed to optimise the brilliance of Roses (components with flat backs) and Chatons (diamond cut).

The Swarovski Group also includes Tyrolit (makers of abrasive and cutting tools); Swareflex (reflective and luminous road markings); Signity (synthetic and natural gemstones); and Swarovski Optik (optical instruments such as binoculars and rifle scopes).

The company runs a crystal-themed indoor theme park, Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds) at its original Wattens site (near Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria). The Crystal Worlds centre is fronted by a glass-covered head, the mouth of which is a fountain. The glass-covered Crystal Worlds houses exhibitions related to, or inspired by, the crystals – but do not include explanations of how the famous designs are made, produced or finished.

Swarovski work was recently exhibited at Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair based on the concept of a single continuous beam of fragmented light travelling through a crystal.

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Wedding every week is coming again :p
by. Dolvin ≈ October 22, 2012
yeah.. since okt, I've got so many weddz invitation..
from my collegues, my high school friend.. and for November.. I already have 3 invitations every week.. *fiuh*
First question? what I have to wear? hihihi..

So, I went shopping with my mom last weekend..
But, I've got nothing.. hiks..

I think I will try to shopping again this weekend..
I hope I can get dress that suitable for my body.. 

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Eid ul-Fitr holiday '12
by. Dolvin ≈ August 22, 2012
Last Eid ul-Fitr holiday, I with my hubby and my parents went to Bandung
no traffic jam in the freeway.. but the traffic jam was in the city!

First day there, we went to TSM (Trans Studio Mal) & Trans Studio
actually we didn't play anything there.. just saw trans science center, trans broadcast museum.. and rode Skypirates, turn around with pirate ship hihi.. the queque was so long.. but its oke la.. from there we could saw all game inside the trans studio ^^

Trans Studio Bandung

And I think, The most scary game there is Yamaha Racing Coaster.. 

Yamaha Race Coaster @ Trans Studio Bandung

Second day,
huah.. when we want to go to Kampung Gajah, we have to spent about 4 hours in the road.. @_@

Kampung Gajah

Kebun Strawberry @ Kampung Gajah

but when we arrived at Kampung Gajah, my Chai" was like it..
and his stiff was gone.. 
although we couldn't do anything there.. coz almost all game there is for kids.. the atmosphere was so fresh.. and we love it ^^

after that we went to The Peak.. nice place ya..
we just drank juice and charge our BB hihi..

The Peak

and the third day, our last day, we went to Pasarkaliki to buy snack souvenir and pork sausage hihi.. delicious!!
and went home.. take a break one day in Jakarta before back to reality.. 

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Rose Puzzle 3D
by. Dolvin ≈ July 29, 2012
Yesterday, when I have nothing to do
suddenly, I found this puzzle 3D that given by Inge.. few years ago? hihi..

Me, my mom and Chai" were trying to do it.. 
actually It not so hard to do.. but a little bit confusing for the first time..

and an hour later....  yay.. It finished!  

Puzzle 3D Rose

beautifull is it? love it.. ^^
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