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CG performance on Tiny Feet of Molluccas
by. Dolvin ≈ December 18, 2017
Last week, I accompanied CG to her Ballet Performance, Tiny Feet of Molluccas on Indonesian Archipelago from Flaminggo Studio at Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Indonesian Archipelago Ticket

she's so cute and adorable using her Ballet dress.. We arrived at 15.30 for Final Rehearsal, she did make up and ate first.. and about 18.00 the performance was begin
the girls was so cute there.. and eventhough not perfect but all of them was do their great job there.. 

Actually this's my first experience to see real ballet performance and my kiddo is in there! I'm so proud of her! Good job, CG!

Tiny Feet of Molluccas

What a great experience!
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Our Trip to Kota Tua
by. Dolvin ≈ November 7, 2017
Last Saturday, I with CG friends' Mom went to Kota Tua Tour
Actually we had to meet them at 7.30 but because of our little kiddo who was so cranky that morning, we became the last family that join the tour haha..

It's a quick tour actually.. we just walk around outside Kota Tua, we saw the first Standard Chartered Bank, Toko Merah, De Rivier Hotel and Jembatan Kota Intan. Our tour guide said that De Rivier Hotel and Jembatan Kota Intan a little bit scary at night (weks)

Mama & CG at Jembatan Kota Intan

It's so hot.. CP said

After that, we bought drinks at new canteen at Jl. Cengkeh and finish our tour at Wayang Museum

Full team at Wayang Museum

And because we're already there, we went to Fatahillah Museum
but we not went to upstair coz it's under renovation, so we just walk around in 1st floor and saw the underground jail
The jail was so dark and so low.. 

Us & CG's school friends in front of Museum Fatahillah

The tour was quite refreshing coz that's not a mall!
coz usually we spent our weekend at the mall.. hahaha
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Bandung Trip ~ Mar '17
by. Dolvin ≈ July 24, 2017
1 year ago, we went to Bandung in this month too.. But that time, CP still in my belly ^^
This year we went too Bandung with CG & CP hoho..

Me, CG and lil CP @ Goa Karmel, Bandung

Actually, this time we just want to accompany Chai" to pray at Mary's grotto, Karmel
But since we already in Bandung, we visit some places like: Rumah Stroberi, Farmfield and Dusun Bambu
and for the hotel, we stayed at Summer Hills Hotel, Setiabudi, Bandung.

Mama followed CP Style ^^

at Rumah Stroberi, we just ate and Chai" accompanied CG to play sliding.. meanwhile I did pumping at the car, coz CP was sleeping all the time.. (Time is Milk haha)
at Farmfield, we just took some photo and played with goat & rabbit.. at the first time, CG was so happy playing with goat, but when Chai" brought some carrot for them, the goat became so excited and wanted to stand on his hands to take the carrot and that made CG afraid and crying.. and too bad, every time we went to farmfield it's rainy, so we cannot take a photo with Europe dress >_<
But it's okelah.. coz my kiddos still enjoy it..
and before we went to our hotel, we bought a lock in there and wrote the name of four of us.. :)

Papa, Mama and CG @ Farmfield

CG playing with goat at Farmfield

Us at Farmfield waiting for rain stop

and before we went home, we went to Dusun Bambu.. in there CG played at the Playground.. The Playground was so nice, it's outdoor and just like a small outbound, there's a tree house, Indian house, sliding (of course), played with ropes, balancing wood, etc.. CG was so happy in there! ^^

CG Playing at The Playground, Dusun Bambu

after that, CG was riding a horse.. actually at the first time, CG was crying because she afraid with the big black horse, because he's moving his tail and his feet all the time.. But when there's a smaller horse coming with pink saddle, and Chai" said it's Pinky Pie was coming, she want to ride it haha.. so cute she is.. ^^ 

CG already brave to riding a horse by herself ^^
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Happy 6th Anniversary, Hunih
by. Dolvin ≈ January 18, 2017
Wah.. We already 6 years together and we already had 2 children, hunih.. ^^

This year, we celebrate at La Vue Rooftop Restaurant @ The Hermitage Hotel Menteng
Actually I already curious for that restaurant, coz it's near from my house, looks cool but it's expensive.. haha..

Us at La Vue Rooftop Restaurant

The view from the rooftop was great but it's so windy.. brrrr...
The waiter already lent me a scarf.. but it still cold up there..

La Vue Rooftop View

We ordered Hermitage Club for me and Tagliatelle Pollo for Chai"
for drink, I ordered Lychee Ice Tea and Chai" ordered Paulaner
quite delicious.. yummy..

My Hermitage Club


Our drinks

and these were photos inside the hotel.. This hotel was so classic..

The Hermitage Pool

The Enterance Door

The Rooms

The Decoration

The last but not the least.. this was our photo before we go home ^^

Us at the hotel ^^

Happy 6th Anniversary, my Dear Hubby  
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Having 2 Children
by. Dolvin ≈ December 20, 2016
Having 2 children at home is challenging ya ^^
Coz the bigger one is often fell jealous.. 

And actually, the hardest time when you have a baby is early 6 months 
Coz that time, your baby need breastmilk more than you can imagine (coz I'm not a person with unlimited breastmilk).. and there is a new family member that need your attention.. you need adaptation to it and sacrifice of your time, 
Time for sleep, time for work, time to eat, time to take a bath, time for playing with the bigger one, time for your hushband, and time for yourself.. 
I have to think twice to do everything and did it as fast as I can

One day, when night was come and the Kiddo#2 wanted milk and Kiddo#1 didn't want to sleep alone.. Mommy had to breastfeeding Kiddo#2 while the other hand was holding Kiddo#1 hahahaha..

But it's quite fun, coz this time I take a part for take care my kiddos
except bathe CP  

But since CG was in holiday but I couldn't go anywhere for these 40 days
we rent a sliding and trampoline for CG and in the end of December we stay at my parent's house, so CG could play at Rockstar and played with her Opa and Oma while I and CP stayed at home ^^

CG Loves CP

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