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Holycow @ Sabang
by. Dolvin ≈ August 15, 2014
This noon, I with my colleague went to Holycow, sabang..
Small place but its a nice place to hangout or dating, coz they have a rooftop
But like the other Holycow.. the menu was so expensive haha.. 
We spent 100k per person  
Holycow Menu
Hanging Chair at Holycow

We ate well done sirloin steak, but I think, my  steak was half done.. coz its a little bit pinky in the middle and its still bloody at the corner.. 
But its oke lah.. the steak was delicious ^^
Holycow Sirloin Steak
Maybe next time, I will go again for dinner with Chai"..
so it will be more romantic.. hihi..
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Holiday @ Hotel Citra Cikopo
by. Dolvin ≈ August 9, 2014
In this holiday, I went to Hotel Citra Cikopo, Puncak
This was a nice place for family.. have a large field and swimming pool and the cottage was nice too..
In there, Baby C was trying to play at the pool and she was so excited ^^
Welcome to Hotel Citra CIkopo
Second day, we went to Taman Wisata Matahari. Large place but the place was a little bit dirty and some games was broken.. in there I just play some children games to entertain my little angel (hihi), having lunch and bought rubber duck for her.
at Taman Wisata Matahari
And this was my hubby did at night
Bir Bintang & Mario Kart
And a third day, we stopped by at Cimory riverside to having lunch and took some pictures of course.. hohoho..
Me and CG at Cimory Riverside
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Holiday with My Little Family
by. Dolvin ≈ August 8, 2014
This Eid long holiday, I'm so happy coz we can have time for just the three of us.. minus nanny and other family member ^^
at first day of our holiday, we went to Sushi Tei Central Park.. quite expensive ya.. I didn't remember the menu name, I just remember the food was delicious hoho..

Lunch @ Sushi Tei, Central Park

and in Monday, we went to Pacific Place to try Fish n co.. That was the first time, I ate here hihi.. *blushing

After took a lunch, we went to Amazone to take our little girl playing..
Actually she just played 2 games there.. and the rest me and chai" who played haha..
We played basketball.. it's been so long, we not playing that game ya ^^
And after that we tried our luck to play roulette.. and yay! Suddenly I won jackpot haha..

Won Jackpot @ Amazone ^^

So, we used that won ticket to get a present for CG.. and we've got cute bunny hair tie (that CG chose by herself) and little kitty pencil ^^

The last but not least.. Taking care of my little girl in this holiday was a little bit tiring but it's never makes me bored.. 

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My printerous is coming!
by. Dolvin ≈ July 15, 2014
Yesterday, my printerous album came.
Yay! The result is just like the mockup I created ^^
And they send me a card that told me to upload my printerous to instagram to get additional discount 25% for a second purchase.. Hoho..

This is my Baby C's album from printerous 

Baby C Printerous Album

And this is inside the album ^^

Inside Baby C's Album
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Little project of mine
by. Dolvin ≈ July 5, 2014
Last month, I've got voucher from to create photobook, canvas, sticker or magnet via online..
Voucher from
So, I tried to create one photobook.. but when I opened it, I just found out that I have to upload to instagram first, coz printerous took the data from it..
That became my little project to search cute my baby photos, design it with instagram or line camera then upload it through instagram.. *I'm so excited! Haha..

And this is the result hohoho.. 
I hope the real result is just like the mockup ^^

My printerous project
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