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Galaxy Gift
by. Dolvin ≈ February 20, 2015
These days, I like to get a free gift from Galaxy Gift
As a Samsung user, we can get a free gift from Samsung every day using Galaxy Gift, it give us a voucher or a free foods / drinks from your favorite tenants.

But you have to tap fast when it show up, coz its limited and your connection have to good enough coz if not you'll be lose it

Galaxy Gift for Samsung Users

So, when my phone was vibrated, I tap it right away to get it as fast I could  
sometimes I didn't see the place for redemption first, and I just saw it after I tap.. 
because of that, sometimes I didn't redempt it coz the redemption place was far or I didn't have time to do it

but it still fun! It's became a little bit addict for me.. hahaha..
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Team Lunch Reunion
by. Dolvin ≈ January 26, 2015
Yesterday, SD Team Lunch (or ex VMi) were reunion at TA hoho
so long not see them.. coz actually, usually we just met at someone Wedding ^^
We having lunch at Hachi Hachi Bistro and did some chit-chat at Starbucks
so many memories were told.. made me miss our sweet time at SD hohoho..

Team Lunch Reunion @ Hachi-Hachi Bistro TA

so guys, when we eat tongseng again??? haha.. (eh, is that resto still open?)  
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Being a Mom
by. Dolvin ≈ January 20, 2015
Love u kiddo!
Actually being a mom is not as easy as 1, 2, 3..

When she still in my belly, its so cute feel her movement there
But when she already born..
We have to ready for lack of sleep and lack of me time
Heard her cry at the first time, was so cute but when she crying all night.. sometimes its made us frustrating haha..

When she already a toddler
That sleeping drama was still in our lives.. (indeed) >_<
more less than when she still a baby.. but its still makes you sleepy

Being a mom is not easy 
Coz we have to be more patient and wiling to give our time more for our kiddo
And of course we have to keep our behaviour to show her the good and the bad

So, for all Mom in the world
When your kiddo is difficult to teach, dun give up ya..
Coz you are their first teacher is their life..

And if you already in your limits
Just take a long breath and see in their eyes.. sometimes they will know that you're angry and they will do something nice for you to get their forgiveness ^^

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Celebrating 4th Years of Our Togetherness
by. Dolvin ≈ January 17, 2015
Yay.. 2 days ago it's our 4th anniversary!
We went to Ratatouille Restaurant at Kuningan

Actually the resto was a little bit small.. but cozy enough for us ^^
And when we came that resto was empty.. just two of us there hihi

Ratatouille Front Desk

Ratatouille Restaurant, Kuningan

Cozy Restaurant

We ordered Spagheti Carbonara and Pizza Margarita yummy..
for drinks, we ordered Mocktail Summer Rain and Bir Bintang
and Molleux au Chocolate (Chocolate Lava) for dessert
But suddenly the waiter brought me a box.. 
It's a anniversary present from Chai" waaaa... he's so sweet ^^

Our Main Course

Our Dessert - Chocolate Lava

Let's have a beer

My Anniversary Present ^^

The H Tower, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, 
Kuningan, Jakarta

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Movie Time at Home
by. Dolvin ≈ January 4, 2015
For last day of our holiday.. we just spent it at home..
took a rest.. coz we already spent a lot energy and money haha..

We just watched some movies that we missed like Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno and Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary..

Kenshin was a good movie ya.. I always like it
In this chapter, its more action and he did a funny act when he pulled by Misao.. its just like in the anime.. hahaha..

Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

The second movie was Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary..
Seiya was one of my favorite movie from my childhood.. ^^
In this movie, it told us about their struggle to help Saori (Athena) through 12 gold saint
Some story was a little bit different with the anime ya..
Maybe its because they shorten a long adventure into 93 mins movie
But the action and the animation was still good enough ^^

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary

and huahh.. holiday is over.. hiks
I hope December is coming again so we can have a holiday again hahaha..  
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