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Giving Birth with Dolphins in Hawaii
by. Dolvin ≈ September 10, 2015
Water birth is already in common.. but giving birth in the sea with the dolphins.. wow.. that's new! haha
Giving Birth with the Dolphins
Today I read an article about it in wollipop.. it said, there is a woman wanted to giving birth with the dolphins and the spokesman from Sirius Institute said "Giving birth in the water is quite beneficial and dolphins can heal or repair various medical conditions so it is natural that the presence of dolphins during delivery could have benefits for the mother" and he said this could become a trend.

In the other hand, actually giving birth in the sea it's quite scary, coz it can attract sharks because of the blood.

For me, I love dolphins, but giving birth in the sea with them? hmmm... I think I'll think twice to do that  
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Happy Halloween 2014
by. Dolvin ≈ October 31, 2014
Today is Halloween day ^^
this year, some places already join the Halloween celebration like Ancol and some hotels in Jakarta (coz some of them sell Halloween voucher at groupon haha)

And today, when I opened Google I found that Google created some Halloween doodles and its randomly show up, these are some of them.. is there anything else?

Google Pumpkin

Google Ghost

Google Witch
Google Graveyard
Google Man of Straw

And this is which I like the most.. so funny ^^
Google Warewolf
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Playa del Amor - Hidden Beach in Mexico
by. Dolvin ≈ June 27, 2014
This beautiful hidden beach I got from one of my facebook friend share in his wall
Playa del Amor
at Roadtrippers is written that :
This secret beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! It may look unbelievably gorgeous and it's real. It's officially called "Playa del Amor", or 'the beach of love', it's located in the Marieta Islands just off the coast of Mexico.

Around the time of World War I, the Mexican government was using the islands as target practice for bombs, and many caves and rock formations, like Playa del Amor, were created as a result of these controlled bombings.

In order to get to Playa del Amor, visitors must swim underwater through a short tunnel before they will resurface on the warm, white sand of the hidden beach. The area is surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs, and it also offers insane wildlife-viewing opportunities- rare birds, dolphins, humpback whales and manta rays are all among the animals that can be seen while snorkeling to the beach. Since the area is within a Natural Reserve protected by the government, a permit to visit the islands must be obtained-- but it's easy enough to book a tour to the islands.

The beach of love, Mexico

Hidden Beach in Mexico

The secret beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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Find many cute stuff at KoleksiUnik.Com
by. Dolvin ≈ May 4, 2012
These 2 days, I bed rest, coz I've got fever..

so boring ya just at home doing nothing.. so I just decided to upload many new cute stuff for Koleksi Unik..
and hey, so many new stuff that I'm not upload yet..

There is many Unique Stuff, Unique Clock, Kitty Stuff, Angry Bird Stuff, Anyam Bag, Nendroid Mickey and so many things that you have to see.. and order it of course.. 

so guys and galz..
If you looking something cute and unique for you or your lovely one
visit my OS at facebook ya.. coz its already updated!

*promotion* hahah.. 

Koleksi Unik on Facebookhere are the links :

website :
FB :

Likes our Fan Page to see our promo item :

or you can follow our twitter :

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Swallowable Parfume
by. Dolvin ≈ October 26, 2011
In today article, I read about unique parfume..
its name is Swallowable

Swallowable Parfume

The unique of this pafume is we have to swallow it. 'Swallowble' claims  simply by taking one capsule, smell  that comes out will be more  fragrant and the fragrance can last all day.

Perfume  'Swallowable created by Australian artist named Lucy Mcrea. As reported by Kiss and Makeup, Lucy designing perfumes to create a scent that came out more refreshed.  He claimed, perfume can express the unique scent of each  individual.

Fragrant pills that have not released it contains a molecule that can make the body fragrant Fragrant synthetic substance called lipids. Substance is equal to the molecular structure of natural fats found in the body.

Synthetic molecules will be issued through the fragrant aroma of the skin surface through sweat. The resulting aroma strength, determined by the level of body temperature, stress, exercise and sexual arousal.

"Once absorbed, the capsule will 'spray' into the skin and spread throughout the body. Molecules perfumes excreted through the skin during sweating and issued a unique flavor," explains Lucy on his website.

This is what she wrote in her website :
"Swallowable Parfum is a digestible scented capsule that emits a unique odor through your own perspiration. Excreted through the skin's surface the body becomes an atomizer; a biologically enhanced second skin synthesized directly from the natural processes of the body."
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