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Ipoh White Coffee
by. Dolvin ≈ February 18, 2008
Ipoh White CoffeeAt least... I can taste White Coffee from Ipoh...
No need search it too far actually.. coz it can be found not far from my apartment... huehehehe....
Thank to sh to found it for me... ^^

White coffee 3 in 1 (that I bought)... it's a little bit creamy.. have a heavenly intense in aroma..  and have a pure coffee taste.... I like it...

White Coffee actually don't have white color... but it's made from roasted coffee beans of a secret blend / recipe for that special Ipoh traditional flavour that roasted to a lighter degree (hence giving the expression “white”).

If you want to visit House of Ipoh in Jakarta, here the address :

House Of Ipoh
Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 59, Sabang
Gambir, Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta - Indonesia
PH 1: (021)314-1750
PH 2: (021)314-1675

actually House of Ipoh just opened a franchise in Plaza Senayan Food Court but.. don't go there if you want to taste the white coffee.. coz you won't find it... (coz I already did that.. hiks.. T_T) hihihi...

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Fresh Milk & Yoghurt @ Cimory Restaurant
by. Dolvin ≈ February 2, 2008
huah... this lately I obsessed by Cimory fresh milk and yoghurt... it's so fresh and delicious.. especially if we drink it at cold...

Cimory or PT. Cisarua Mountain Dairy, absorb the raw milk from the local dairy farmers and to produce fresh pasteurised milk and yoghurt products...
pasteurized fresh milk has the best nutritional value, coz pasteurized fresh milk if it is kept chilled has the shelf life of minimum 7 days but if the Total Plate Count (TPC) in raw milk from the cooperatives is high, the shelf life could become very short.

These fresh milk consist of vitamin, mineral, enzim, and protein.. and have so many taste.. such as plain, chocolate, starwberry, mango, banana,and coffee...  @820ml and the price it just Rp.9.500...
for me, the most milk that I like is chocolate.. coz it's so delicious and creamy... hihihi...

and for yoghurt... as I remember there are so many taste too.. such as strawberry, grape, lychee, orange, guava, apple and mix fruit...
actually everytime I drink yoghurt.. I always feel sick.. but this yoghurt obsess me.. huehehehe....

in Cimory Restaurants there not just sell fresh milk and yoghurt.. but also Indonesian food, Japanese food and Chinese food too...
it have great mountain view, playground for children, meeting room, minimart and dairy tour...
the place is so comfy.... ^^

but when I go there, they gave me a card... it said "Cimory turun gunung"... it said they serve delivery service to Jakarta... but when I call.. actually there is no one pick up and the machine said that number isn't exist.. wew.. ck ck...
but it's ok.. when I knew I can find it in Hypermart, carefour or Ranch Market... hihihihi...

so, if u go to puncak.. u have visit this place and buy milk and yoghurt there... but before that... call me ok.. so, I can order some milks from u... hohohoho..

Cimory Resto
Jl. Raya Puncak No.435 – Km 77
Cisarua, Bogor. Tlp : 0251-257 888
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What is cappuccino?
by. Dolvin ≈ January 9, 2008
CappuccinoWhat is cappuccino? Many people confuse this coffee drink with a caffe latte, another form of Italian coffee found at most coffee houses in America. The main difference between the two is that a caffe latte has twice the amount of milk (usually whole milk, but one can order it with 2 percent or even skim) and no milk foam.

The milk foam that floats on top of a cappuccino is what distinguishes it from most other coffee drinks, in fact. Served traditionally in a porcelain cup, the foam acts as an insulator and keeps the drink hotter longer. Additionally, the porcelain acts as another heat retainer. Paper and glass cups tend to allow the heat to seep out faster.

A cappuccino starts out with a shot of espresso. The barista then steams the milk, which is the second most important ingredient. If the texture and temperature of the milk is wrong, the drink won't be as good as it should be.

When the milk is properly steamed, it will be velvety and sweet. The barista will then float one centimeter of the foamed milk on top of the espresso. If one prefers their cappuccino to have more or less milk, the order would be for a wet or dry cappuccino, respectively.

Until the mid 1990s, Americans didn't really enjoy cappuccino. Whether it was because people didn't know what the drink was or because it wasn't quite cool enough to drink isn't known. However, when upscale coffee houses started sprouting up en masse, more and more people began ordering the beverage.

Traditionally, cappuccinos in Italy are served with breakfast. Typically speaking, Italians exclusively drink them in the morning, although in other countries it is customary to drink them after dinner. Hopefully, now that you've learned the question to "what is cappuccino", you'll be able to impress your friends with the new found knowledge.

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