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Christmas @ Puncak
by. Dolvin ≈ December 26, 2014
This Christmas, I with Chai" family went to Seruni Puncak at 23 until 25 Dec..
When we went, the street still empty coz the long weekend wasn't start yet hoho..   

We arrived about 10 am.. after we confirm our rooms we went to Puncak pass resort for having lunch.. the view was great..
but the room rate was expensive haha..
for xmas eve.. its 1.500.000 per night and for new year eve, its 2.000.000 per night.. fiuhh..

Puncak Pass Resort

Puncak Pass Resort Restaurant

Actually after that we wanted to go to Kebun Raya Cibodas.. but since we found Taman Bunga Nusantara first, we went to there first hihi..
in there, there was a couple did a prewedding photoshot.. xixi..
We took a garden train there and did some narsism photoshot hahaha..

Topiari Merak

Musical Fountain

Labyrinth Park

Menara Pandang

Rumah Kaca

Rose Park

But when night came, our little princess was crying all night..
And actually.. she just didn't want anyone else in her room beside her mommy and daddy haha..
Coz at the first time, we slept with our nannies in the same room.. *sweat*

In second day, we went to kebun raya cibodas..
But because of rainy days.. we just turn around by car..

and in the last day, we took our kiddo tried a swimming pool but she still afraid so we just having breakfast at the hotel and before we went home we stopped by at Cimory Riverside like usually..
We took baby CG to play at the playground and took some photoshoots too.. ^^

Baby CG trying to touch a sand ^^

Swimming Pool at Seruni

Us at Cimory Riverside

Thanks God we didn't get a traffic jam when we were there..
Merry Christmas all!  
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First Time using Pertamax
by. Dolvin ≈ December 10, 2014
Yesterday, it's the first time Whitey using Pertamax ^^
Since the price of Premium was rising.. My gasoline cost was increasing about 40%.. and actually I just realize that now price of Premium and Pertamax not too far
Premium 8.500 and Pertamax 9.950

Pertamax is now 9950

Yes of course, if I using Pertamax, my gasoline cost will be increasing again.. but it's oke lah, coz Pertamax is better than Premium, right? and Whitey will be healthier if using it.. 
and it has been proven, because now driving Whitey is more smoothly than before..  ;)
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Another Photo Project of Mine
by. Dolvin ≈ November 15, 2014
These days, I just realize I have so many photos that I'm not put it anywhere
Like my pregnancy photo, CG Photo Studio and the latest Family photo
and I remember that I had photo album as my wedding gift from my friends
But when I wanted to put it there, Chai" said why don't we put all of our photo from prewedding so its more like story of us.. Good idea, right?? hohoho..

So, from this last 2 weeks I searched our good photos since we did the prewedding, wedding day, CG born and CG birthday.. and not forget to put some my USG photos in there

Now it's just left photo for its cover.. 
Coz currently the cover is my friends photo who gave me that album haha..
I want to change it but I dunno how to put the photo there
Maybe I'll ask first to my friend tomorrow  
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IKEA is already open!
by. Dolvin ≈ October 21, 2014
Last Sunday, we went to IKEA Alam Sutera
The place is so big and because of the parking lot was full, we had to park at Mall Alam Sutera and used shuttle bus from there.
So crowded and the queque for restaurant was soooo longg... >_<

But the products was so nice.. makes me want to buy everything in there.. 
but too bad its so expensive and I dun have place to put it.. T_T
Went to place like that, makes me want to have my own house so I can decorate it by myself with my own design xixixi... *wishing*

These were some products that I like and want to have it someday hihi..

My dream kitchen

Cute study desk for CG

Small bed for my sweety pie

And this is when CG try sofa at IKEA.. see how comfortable she is hahaha...

Baby C loves to try sofa at IKEA

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My Mac PC
by. Dolvin ≈ October 1, 2014
Yesterday, my boss forced me to use his mac PC, so I can easily compile asmobi application for android and apple without disturb him..  

Mac is so cool yah.. but its a little bit difficult for windows user.. coz the shortcut is different and some of my works is not working here..
So, I still have to use windows at my virtual machine to work with ASP

My Mac PC
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