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Miss my blog ^^
by. Dolvin ≈ December 6, 2011
hum.. its time to write my blog again, after break a few months..  :">
*and makes me almost forget my own password to update this.. (-_-")

actually there are so many things, I want to share in here hohoho..

first is about my shoes rack..
after persuade him from month to month.. my hubby bought me a shoe rack.. yipiii...
and u know what, when I put my shoes there.. its full directly haha..
I'll put the photo, later.. *happy*  ^^

and last month, at my hubby bday.. he got an accident and his ribs are broken.. *omg*
but there is still something good in this condition.. coz he can take a  rest at home and his face become more fresh

oh ya.. at his bday, we went to e'corner ^^
the place is like I expected.. the environtment was great.. cool decor..
but the food is not good.. expensive and the taste is just so so..
this is the picture of this place from google.. 

e'Corner Epicentrum Walk

and last saturday, we tried Pastis Backyard at Kuningan Suite near Four Season Hotel..

Pastis Backyard

nice place.. we just tried ice cream fruit and drunk Vanilla Latte
delicious.. but it expensive, especially the mineral water.. its 30K.. omg (-_-")
but its oke.. nice place to hang out with my hubby.. ^^
*at last, we tried that place hihihi..
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True Friendship Never Dies
by. Dolvin ≈ October 19, 2011
I met these guys and galz at my ex office..
but even though we already move to different offices, every bday.. we celebrate it together.. ^^
chit & chat.. narcism together.. laughing.. walking around..
and when night is come.. we split and go to our own way.. :)

sometimes, met our friends can forget our boringness of our life
ugh.. I hope this is long lasting.. coz I like to see your craziness in my life, frenz.. hihi..

see ya next month in next bday..
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Eid Ul Fitr holidays @ Sanghyang Anyer
by. Dolvin ≈ September 19, 2011
wah this story is already stale I think.. but I'll write it.. since so long, I has not updated the blog.. ^^

in Eid Ul Fitr holidays.. I with my hubby and my family went to Anyer.. so quite there.. coz when I go there, still in fasting month.. hihi..
so no tatto in the beach.. no banana boat.. haha..
my hubby get gored when the first time we arrived there.. but over time, he liked it.. coz seeing sea and heard the waves is so relaxing ^^
and in there, we trying the Hotspring Spa.. that is spa using hot water to massaging.. after spa, we felt like we've got pouch all over the body hahaha.. but fresh 

we drank roasted coconut..
the taste is so so la.. my parents and Chai" liked it.. but it's too sweet for me..

playing badminton in the Sanghyang field with my Dad.. hihi..
and before we go home, we ride a fishing boat with fisherman there and saw the burning ferry.. so scary.. @_@

after that we just spent our holiday at home.. reunion with my college friends and meet Chai" friends..
and holiday is over and we have go back to our reality.. hihi..
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Leon's Bday Party ^^
by. Dolvin ≈ July 4, 2011
my cute nephew was celebrate his 1st bday at Angke Restaurant, Kelapa Gading..
Actually he not yet understand the party I think..
but I think he enjoy it.. coz he got a lot of presents and so many friends there ^^

Angke Restaurant

the decoration, food and entertainment are good..
everybody likes that party.. so are we..

hmm.. maybe I will create party like that someday.. hihihi.. :">
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My Birthday Dinner
by. Dolvin ≈ May 25, 2011
Yesterday is my birthday ^^
I felt the day was run so fast.. coz I have to debug the application that implemented by my boss at client office and I have to back and forth to the ground floor for took a present from my mom and took snacks for my colleagues..

and I believe, yesterday is a tired day for my Chai" too.. coz he slept at dawn and he have help me to took my snack order at Mon Ami ^^

Thank you, my beloved hubby..  :-*

at night, we went to The Apartment Restaurant at Kuningan
The Apartmen
The Apartment
Menara Gracia, Ground Fl.
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said kav. C-17 Jakarta

The Apartment is the unique restaurant, where they designed it looks like home.
It has a living room, pantry, bedroom, library, bathroom and terrace.
we choose a living room.. so nice and cozy.. ^^
The Apartment - Living Room

we order The Apartment Lasagna and Beef Ratatouille
the food is looks not much actually.. but we full enough.. and so delicious..
for drinks, we order The Apartment Punch and Frutily
huumm.. we like the drinks..

The menu is looks like a newspaper
and the bills like mail letter

I think, no one has to equate the uniqueness of this place
but, I think we won't return there any time soon.. coz its so expensive hihi..
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