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Dolphin Earphone
by. Dolvin ≈ May 18, 2011
Last week, I bought this from one of online shop
so cuteee.. like it.. 

actually the voice at the left side is smaller than the right side..
but it's ok.. I like it anyway hihi..

This is the picture, I have the blue one ^^
Dolphin Earphone
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Runaway SG Trip ^o^
by. Dolvin ≈ May 5, 2011
Last month, I and Chai" went to SG again ^^
actually we go there with Chai" friend, but he continues his journey to Thailand..
so just left 2 of us.. ^o^
we arrived about 3pm.. going around to looking for lunch and our apartment..

this time, we stay at People's Park, Chinatown.. the place is so so..
not to clean but not dirty.. hihi..

Place we visit this time :

USS! Universal Studio Singapore ^^
in Front of Universal Studio Singapore
wahh.. nice place ya.. narcism spot is everywhere hihihi..

"Ligth! Camera! Action!" by Steven Spielberg.. so cool... I love the effects they created in only few minutes indoor.. 

and we played BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.. we just try the red one.. actually
Chai" want to ride the blue one.. coz the chair is like hanging and the
rail is above our head.. and he said.. the red one is not too scary coz
it looks like roller coaster in Dufan..

but when we ride it.. wew.. I can't lift up my head, so shocking.. hahahha....
so fun there.. so many show and so many walking figure.. like Charlie Chaplin, Betty Bop, Cleopatra.. etc..
At "Far Far Away" the donkey is quite boring for me.. but the Shrek 4D is cool.. especially when they shocked us with "spider" (fabric below our chair.. *sweat*) 

Snow City
Show City
just like my friend said.. we'll get bored in 5 minutes there..
so cold there.. minus 5 if I'm not mistaken.. we borrow gloves, shoes, and pants.. plus the enter ticket.. it's about S$44.. (-_-")

but actually, it already include science centre ticket..
we played Snow Slope there and took some pictures there.. and we have to pay again to get the photo.. hihihi...

Science Centre
Science Center
so many unique things that made with science.. some is just like eye
trick.. and others is science do with sound, water and fire..

cool.. and I found a Dolphin purse at souvenir place there..
*dolphin is everywhere.. yay!* 

Fountain of Wealth
Fountain of Wealth
After our first journey to this place is failed.. finally I can go there with Chai" friend guidance.. hohoho..

actually that just a fountain with color ray but I like when they do the hologram into the water.. ^^

Bugis and Chinatown
This time we just shopping.. find a souvenir to our parents and also for myself.. hihi..

I was so satisfied and feels so much fun.. ^o^
actually I dun want this holiday is run fast.. hihihi..
but when we go home.. we get sick.. runny nose and cough.. (-_-")

hmm.. I wanna have another vacation again..
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Happy Weddz, Ve.. ^^
by. Dolvin ≈ May 2, 2011
Yesterday, friend of mine got married ^^
she is so beautiful and I'm happy for her.. hoho..

in her wedding day.. I met my friends from far far away..
so, we can reunion that day.. 
baby Cody was coming too..
but he cried when we approached.. humm.. are we that scary, Cody? 

Veo's Wedding

Happy Wedding Veoo... ^o^
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My dream vs My Passion
by. Dolvin ≈ March 22, 2011
why this lately, I feel like lost my passion to do anything
I still have my own dream..
dream for my new family..
dream for open my own shop..
and have many idea to make my online shop bigger..

but sometimes, I just feel tired to dream.. feel lazy to do it..
I have to keep the spirit and push myself a little bit to make my and chai" dream come true..

Jia youuu, vinii!!
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Our 1st Valentine
by. Dolvin ≈ February 21, 2011
Huahh.. I just had time to update this blog.. hohoho...

Last week is our 1st Valentine after we've got married ^^
eventhough, we had a fight night before it.. but finally we are celebrating this Valentine's day.. 

Actually, from Smesco, we got free voucher to stay in Sahid Hotel and valid up to 1 month after our wedding  day.. so, we took it at February 14th hohoho...
after work, Chai" clean up and went to Sahid for check in.. and we have dinner at Cafe Pisa.
in Cafe Pisa, the decoration is so Valentine..
they already set up tables at outdoor with candle and lamp..
there is live music too.. (and.. include mosquitos.. hihi..)

Valentine '11

we took Valentine package.. hmm.. so delicious..
and suddenly, when we want to take a free photo box there, Chai" gave me a rose from behind the box..
hihih.. so sweet of him.. he really gave me what I'm asking for Valentine.. ^^

after that, we went to Sahid to stay a night..
actually Sahid now is looks like ordinary hotel.. nothing special from this 5 stars hotel, except its nice lobby..
the room is so ordinary.. hihi..
but it's ok la.. as long its free.. ops.. 

I love this Valentine..
but actually everyday is Valentine with u, Chai"...   ^^
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