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May Long Holiday :D
by. Dolvin ≈ May 22, 2012
Since goverment made 18 became public holiday too,
we have a long holiday last week ^^
and like usual.. I can't just stay at home when holiday was coming hihi..

17 May
Sandy Birthday @ Solaria Central Park
We invited by my cousin to his birthday at Solaria, Central Park
and at night we ate with Chai's friends at Hanamasa TA..
fiuhh.. feedlot day..

18 May
Rilakkuma Mug from Koleksi Unik
I with Chai" have to deliver Rilakkuma Mug for Koleksi Unik customer at MKG
a tired day for my hubby.. coz he have to help my customer to bring that mug from ground floor until her parking floor.. hihi..
and that day, I met Jupi too.. just for dinner and hanging out for a while before she went to work.. ^^

19 May
Playing at Dufann
wah.. now the enterence fee is expensive ya..
its Rp.250.000 / person at weekend, and its open till 9 pm

actually, we dun have schedule to go there.. but since my mom was there..
suddenly I want to go there too hihi..
we just played Kora-Kora.. and hey.. are we going older?
coz after we ride it, we were trembling.. ops.. *shy*
Le Bridge Ancol
we were there until Dufan closed, after that, I with Chai" went to Le Bridge..
and with his SLR.. even we still need addional light at night..
every photo now was good.. love it!

20 May
I with Chai's fam went to Senayan City..
Dark Shadow Movie
after go here and there.. we split out and watch Dark Shadow..
funny and good enough.. quite entertaining ya..

and long holiday was end.. hiks..
like usual.. I WANT MOREE... hahhaha...
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Sensitive Days
by. Dolvin ≈ February 28, 2012
This lately, people around me made me upset,
dunno.. maybe I just so sensitif this lately..

from my colleague, I felt so tired teach her.. I just think, if he really learned in college or just play there? humm..
my irresponsible supplier.. that miss my order, so often..
my customer that so hard to ask him to pay.. whereas we're at the same office..
and I bored with my life and routinities too..

oh man.. I hope its getting better later.. (-_-")
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KoleksiUnik.Com @ Pasar HelloFest 8
by. Dolvin ≈ February 11, 2012
Last Saturday I, my hubby and his friends join Pasar Hellofest 8 at Balai Kartini ^^
it's so fun..
KoleksiUnik.Com Booth @ Pasar HelloFest 8
There are so many great cosplay.. cool ah.. they outfit was really cool.. one of them brought a big sword.. and the other just wearing sexy bra

so many people come to Koleksi Unik booth too..
until we run out our card name and brochure..

and if people use the lucky cat to call the customer to come..
we just use our little danbo.. haha..
so many boys and girls came to our booth because of him.. some of them just shoot him with their SLR.. *thanks Kevin to create these danbo for us* ^^

and I was so excited when a girl from facebook came to buy a few stuff ^^
my friends were coming too.. and tone up our booth..

tired.. and feel thirsty..
but we really enjoy it.. coz our omset is much better than last bazaar ^^

Thankiu guys & galz for coming to our booth..
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Bye 2011 - Welcoming 2012 ^^
by. Dolvin ≈ January 2, 2012
At the end of 2011, I with my family went to Taman Safari, Puncak..
wahh so cold..

Taman Safari Bungalow

we went at 5.30 AM, and arrived about 10AM..
so long heh.. traffic jam at the end of freeway >_<

when we get there, we picnic at the parking lot hahaha.. *so hungry*
we ate Gudeg hohoho...

and after that we went to inside the Taman Safari
look around and suddenly mu dad's car clutch slipped.. wew..
but the officer there was good.. they can fix it dirrectly... I just knew that Taman Safari officer is multifunction ya.. they can be animal guard and the technician hahaha..
but that's gut la..

in there me and Chai" really don't waste our time..
walk around.. and the first show that we watched is.. Dolphin show.. hihihi..
*Chai" closed his ears immediately when we heard me said  "Dolphin Show"* hahaha..

and we watch Cowboy show too..
so cool.. they used gun and bomb like a real one.. and they was using horse too.. it's really cool.. u have to watch that when u go there..

Sea Lions Show

after that, we watched sea lions, bird of prey and tiger show..
actually we thought, there is a bus to help us to go home.. but no bus there and the officer there told us that not too far.. so we just walked to out bungalow.. haha..
and when we arrived, we dun feel our leg anymore.. hihihi.. *too much a.k.a lebay ya? hihi..

at night we went to caravan restaurant.. to watch end of year show..
the singer and the clown good enough.. and made us laugh out loud..
but so windy there and made us "enter wind"  (-_-")

and after the countdown..
the fireworks were launched.. wahhh so beautiful ya..
I love the fireworks.. ^^

Fiireworks @ Taman Safari

and the holiday is over..
have to go back to our runities again.. hihihi..

Happy New Year 2012 everyonee..
I Hope this year is better than last year and make my life more colorful than before ^^
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Merry Christmas everyone ^^
by. Dolvin ≈ December 25, 2011
This year is the first time I celebrating xmas in this house ^^
at xmas eve, I, my hubby and his fan went to pacific place to hang out at the morning and celebrating xmas eve at St. Ignatius..
our lovely church..

and at the xmas day.. me and my hubby visiting out grandma
and went to grand indonesia with my parents
but when arrived there, Chai's brother told him that he with his parents  and his wife's sister are there too..
wahhh.. so surprising.. suddenly He gather us at the same place without any plan..

Xmas '11 - Me & Chai

Xmas '11 - My Fam

Great xmas in this year.. ^^
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