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by. Dolvin ≈ July 22, 2012
Finally, after struggling with traffic jam to get TMII ticket at Living Social office.
I succeed to have it.. thanks to my colleague who accompany me along that traffic haha..  

So, yesterday I, Chai and my family went to TMII
didn't change much actually
But there is new park.. its called "Taman Budaya Tionghoa"
in there, there were some China statue, like Guan Yu, Sampek Engtay, Sun Go Kong, Cheng Ho and Pai Su Chen Bridge? hihi..
but some haven't finished yet
Taman Budaya Tionghoa

Sun Go Kong Statue

and.... I found Dolphin statue there and bought Dolphin astray.. hoho..  

Dolphin Statue

After that, we went to Disney Celebration of Light
there were so many Disney lantern there, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, Cinderella, Snow White, Cars, Tinkerbell, Pooh, and other Disney Character..

Mickey Mouse Lantern

Actually we want to ride Giant Baloon, but that its too expensive.. 
its cost us Rp.120.000 / person.. fiuhh..

Balon Raksasa

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BB emoticon pillow
by. Dolvin ≈ July 17, 2012
Do you know about BB emoticon pillow?
Now its suddenly became trend here hihi..

so many shop, offline or online sell it..
For me, actually I just want to buy for myself.. but when I put it in my BB profile picture..
and some people ask about it and order it haha..

so, if you wanna buy it.. you can contact me ya.. hihi.. 

My favorite is this hugging pillow.. (my hubby bought it for me) 
I put it in my office.. love it..

Bantal Emo BB Big Hug
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Fixing My Tozy's Tire
by. Dolvin ≈ June 4, 2012
Last saturday, I went to workshop to change Tozy tires, coz its tire already thin..
and its already shaking hard..
so, we went to Otista to change it and changed the shockbreaker too.. because it is already damaged.. no wonder why its shaking so hard..
Mando Shockbreaker
after we change those things.. hey.. my car like new again..
the shaking is so soft.. love it..

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Dinner Invitation @ Skye
by. Dolvin ≈ May 28, 2012
Last saturday, Chai got invitations to join the opening of Skye, new restaurant at Menara BCA.
That restaurant is so cool.. and with that invitation we can choose our own appetizer, main course and dessert.. so nice ya ^^

from the window, we can see Jakarta at night.. so cool!!
Jakarta at Night from Skye
and Skye is have an outdoor.. 
so windy out there.. but because all of us are so narcism.. we still took a lot of picture there hihi..

They said, this restaurant will be open officially this wednesday.. 
so if you want to come this weekend.. please come for dinner.. you will like it.. ^^

Skye @ Menara BCA
Beer at Skye
Me & Chai at Skye
Us and Chai's friends at Skye
Us at Skye Outdoor

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Jeaning for My Birthday
by. Dolvin ≈ May 25, 2012
Yesterday is my birthday.. ^^
I was surprised by my hubby at midnight.. he put something inside my bag..
but because of my narcism.. I want to take my comb in it.. So, I opened it before the time hihihi..
Torch 2 Jeaning
and I've got Jeaning from him.. kyaaa... *hug my hubby*

in the morning, his fam singing happy birthday for me too
thanks all.. ^^

at night, after office hour, I with Chai went to GI
actually, we dun know what we want to eat there
so we just took a drink at Social House..
and having dinner at Waraku Japanese dining..
Dinner at Waraku Grand Indonesia
but the Waraku's service was not good.. the sushi was came so long and they're so lazy to come when we called them.. or maybe they already tired, since we came there too late..

But overall, I feel so happy today..
thanks hunn.. 
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