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Rainy Christmas
by. Dolvin ≈ December 26, 2012
Last Saturday, I with Chai went to Taman Anggrek
when we arrived, sky was still clear.. but when we watched movie, my mom calls and she said there were heavy rain and already flood at some place.. like CL, Grogol, Trisakti, Tanjung Duren and side of freeways..
and my dad was trapped too.. so he went to CP to stay a while..

so we stay at the mall too, wishing the rain will be stop and flood is gone..
but after we having dinner, we saw outside and wow.. all cars stopped.. they couldn't move at all.. hahhaa..
so we decided to walk and spent a night at hotel nearby, we went to Hotel Mega Anggrek and my dad went to Hotel Banian Boulevard.. 

what a experience ya!

Here is some photo that I took there.. and flood inside TA that I've got from my friend ^^

Pohon Natal @ TA 2012

Flood inside TA

Mega Anggrek Hotel Card

and yesterday when Christmas day, that almost happen again..
we and my parents went to Central Park.. *Christmas there, is so beautiful* and when we sat at Coffee bean, the rain is coming
the first time we saw it, we just feel.. nice ya.. rain at the Christmas day.. ^^
but after more than an hour we walking around, we just realize, why it won't stop ya hahaha..

Central Park Christmas Tree at night

so we went home directly, and it stuck in front of CP.. fiuh..
and flood was already arrived at Tanjung Duren..
but we Thanks God, we can drop my parents and went home safetly and quite fast..
coz freeways and Tomang was quite empty ^^

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Wedding every week is coming again :p
by. Dolvin ≈ October 22, 2012
yeah.. since okt, I've got so many weddz invitation..
from my collegues, my high school friend.. and for November.. I already have 3 invitations every week.. *fiuh*
First question? what I have to wear? hihihi..

So, I went shopping with my mom last weekend..
But, I've got nothing.. hiks..

I think I will try to shopping again this weekend..
I hope I can get dress that suitable for my body.. 

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Eid ul-Fitr holiday '12
by. Dolvin ≈ August 22, 2012
Last Eid ul-Fitr holiday, I with my hubby and my parents went to Bandung
no traffic jam in the freeway.. but the traffic jam was in the city!

First day there, we went to TSM (Trans Studio Mal) & Trans Studio
actually we didn't play anything there.. just saw trans science center, trans broadcast museum.. and rode Skypirates, turn around with pirate ship hihi.. the queque was so long.. but its oke la.. from there we could saw all game inside the trans studio ^^

Trans Studio Bandung

And I think, The most scary game there is Yamaha Racing Coaster.. 

Yamaha Race Coaster @ Trans Studio Bandung

Second day,
huah.. when we want to go to Kampung Gajah, we have to spent about 4 hours in the road.. @_@

Kampung Gajah

Kebun Strawberry @ Kampung Gajah

but when we arrived at Kampung Gajah, my Chai" was like it..
and his stiff was gone.. 
although we couldn't do anything there.. coz almost all game there is for kids.. the atmosphere was so fresh.. and we love it ^^

after that we went to The Peak.. nice place ya..
we just drank juice and charge our BB hihi..

The Peak

and the third day, our last day, we went to Pasarkaliki to buy snack souvenir and pork sausage hihi.. delicious!!
and went home.. take a break one day in Jakarta before back to reality.. 

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Rose Puzzle 3D
by. Dolvin ≈ July 29, 2012
Yesterday, when I have nothing to do
suddenly, I found this puzzle 3D that given by Inge.. few years ago? hihi..

Me, my mom and Chai" were trying to do it.. 
actually It not so hard to do.. but a little bit confusing for the first time..

and an hour later....  yay.. It finished!  

Puzzle 3D Rose

beautifull is it? love it.. ^^
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New Canopy
by. Dolvin ≈ July 29, 2012
Finally, I have canopy in front of my house started last week.. ^^
so, my Tozy is no longer caught in the rain and no longer hot..
it'll feel more comfortable there now.. hihi..

Minimalist Canopy

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