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My Cousin Wedding Day
by. Dolvin ≈ November 18, 2018
Yesterday, finally, my cousin was officially married with his girlfriend ^^

For me, he still looks like a kid that often play with me when I still at elementary school.. hahaha..

Actually his wife was do make up by herself, coz she has a beauty school at her place.. so proud of her!
And my family's make up was did by her student also

Their blessing was done at GKI Taman Aries
and their reception was done at Puri Indah Financial Tower

My lil princess and his wife's nephew ware became their flower girl and page boy..
they were so cuteee.... walking on the aisle before the bride & groom come... *loph.. loph..*
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My Birthday Getaway @ Ancol
by. Dolvin ≈ May 28, 2018
For this year, I want to plan for my birthday getaway, but since I didn't want to go too far and it just 1 night, I decided to stay at Mercure Ancol

Before we check in, we ate at Rumah Kayu, coz when I read the review.. the restaurant was unique with a plane inside it.. but actually if we want to eat there, we have to spend Rp.650.000 and I didn't think that we'll spend that much.. so we just ate inside the restaurant.. Kids were so happy in there, coz CG could play otoped there and CP loves to see fish around out table

After that, we rode the Gondola
this is the first time for CP, and she was so excited!

At night, we ate at Jimbaran, Ancol
took a photo shoot with Bali dancer and kids was having fun with playing sand.. and CP didn't want to go home haha.. omg, she love the sand very much!

Our room at Mercure was so nicee.. coz they upgraded our room to Executive room.. and the room was so spacious..
Kids was so happy playing around and it had a Kids Club too.. 
We played for a while in there, and after that we play water at the swimming pool.. why I said play water? coz they're not swimming actually, CG and CP just splashed the water and not go into it *sweat*

The next day we went to Gubug Makan Mang Engking, the food was good enough
and stop by at the Ecopark, at the Ecopark, we just played the bicycle and walking around it..

Thanks Chai" for this nice family getaway! Love it!
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Q Big @ BSD
by. Dolvin ≈ April 3, 2018
Last week actually we want to visit Lulu supermarket at BSD. And Actually lulu is part of Q Big area at bsd..

Inside Q big.. there're so many store.. such as ACE Hardware, Lulu supermarket, many restaurants and playground for kids.. 
We can feeding fish, ride small becak and so many riding games.. CG playing swinging boat, flying bicycle and becak (of course)
Meanwhile the little CP just playing photograph hahaha.. maybe she wants to be photograph in the future ^^

I like the place.. coz we can eat, shopping and playing at the same place..
I will go back there again someday
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Happy New Year 2018
by. Dolvin ≈ January 2, 2018
A week after trip to SG, we went to Safari to celebrate New Year Eve (and yeah it almost made us broke haha)
Like usual, we stayed at Royal Taman Safari.. for 1 night

CG riding a horse

Met Safari Panda

And because of we got the free pass for some games at the hotel, this time we just played inside the hotel.. 
CG played almost all games in it.. except the Paddle Boat, coz she tired, she said.. so just me and Chai" played that haha... and CP try to ride a train for the 1st time.. so cute she is hihi
at night we watched the New Year show.. and hey CP still woke up.. she didn't want to miss the end of the year closure ^^

I with Chai

Us at New Year Eve

The next day, we just swimming at the hotel..
like usual, CG still afraid of water.. but CP was enjoyed it so much.. ^^
but actuall CG already better than the last time we went to waterpark, coz she already dare to walking on the water flush and play sliding in the pool

Playing at the pool

Nice.. CG & CP!
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Family Trip '17 @ SG
by. Dolvin ≈ December 29, 2017
On this December, we went to SG..
this was the 1st trip for CP by plane.. and actually we're a little bit worry bout that

For the departure, CP was ok.. coz she's sleeping but when return, waa.. she crying a lot on the plane haha.. coz she was sleepy, but she cannot sleep.. she was not ok with my breastfeeding position, and the plane was up and down made her ear uncomfortable >_<

and actually brought baby on trip when she just 1 year old (13 months old actually), was not a good idea.. coz she not yet enjoy the trip and she cannot talk yet, so she just can crying when she's hungry or want to sleep

for me and CG, its quite refreshing.. but for my hubby, its quite fun and also tiring.. coz he had to brought stroller and bags for us.. and walking around for buying us tickets haha..

We went to SG for 4 days,

Day 1,
When arrived at SG, CG was so happy.. we play directly on the airport.. coz they provide a small playground inside
after that, we check in at the Lavender Hotel, bought MRT card and we went to Garden by The Bay.. we're also attended a Christmas Wonderland Festival in there
actually, we didn't need to buy Christmas Wonderland ticket, coz if we already in Garden by the bay and stay there (inside the restaurant) until 6 pm, we can join Christmas Wonderland without pay.. and the Christmas wonderland was so so.. it just like other festival in Indonesia.. haissh..

We went too Flower Dome with so many beautifull flower and Cloud Forest.. but since we brought CP, and inside it, it's so windy, so Chai" just go inside by himself..
Garden by the bay was beautifull ya.. love it.. one day, I want to go there again, coz actually there still so many spot we not yet discover in there

CG on the airport

Dad with CP

Us on MRT

Garden by the Bay

Inside Garden by the Bay

Us inside Garden by the Bay

Day 2,
We went to USS.. in there I, CP and my mother-in-law actually just took a picture and sat enjoy the view.. meanwhile CG and Chai" playing Treasure Hunter, and CG was afraid a little bit when they met something in there.. it's looks like a bug or a spider, I dun know what is it haha

We watched Minion show and The Dance For The Magic Beans (from Shrek) on the street and of course took some pictures with some characters we met
and in the end of the day, there was a Christmas show on the street.. I like it so much.. and when we're watching it, chai" was slept on the chair, coz he got headache 

and because of that, we went home by taxi

Yay! We arrived at Universal Studio Singapore

Three of us in USS (little CP was sleeping in almost all photo)  

Three of us ^^

Day 3,
Chai" already healthy now.. so, we went to S.E.A Aquarium and Sentosa Island

S.E.A Aquarium was better than Seaworld ya (of course laa) hahaha..
It had a very big aquarium and actually because of its Christmas, there was a Scourge.. he chat with CG, but since CG english not good enough, she just smiling at him hihi.. and of course took a picture with him

Ugly face from us

Met Scorge at S.E.A..

CG met Scorge

at the Sentosa Island, CG and Chai" played Luge.. meanwhile I, CP and my mother-in-law sat at the Starbucks haha.. after that we rode a Tiger Sky Tower, took pictures at Sentosa Merlion and watched Wing of Time

Starbucks is always be our favourite place for waiting

CG played Luge with Chai

Finally I watched Wings of time!

Day 4,
Because of we watched Wings of Time and not eat well, CG and CP started got a fever.. OMG (but thanks God it's already the last day)
on Day 4, we just went to Orchard Road and bought some souvenir.. and went to the airport directly..
Actually on day 4, we met CG classmate.. they stayed at Lavender Hotel too.. hoho..

Our pose at Changi before we went home

After this trip, notes for me..
  • Don't bring your 1 year old kid for travelling, coz it'll become a troublesome for you haha..
  • Don't forget to eat well, especially for CG.. coz her throat is sensitive (she got a fever because of sore throat easily)
  • Wake up earlier, so we can play more attractions (this is so difficult for me, actually)
  • Survey more bout the attractions and how to get there (actually I already do the survey, but its still not enough.. like the cable car voucher that I bought, it has to redeem at Vivocity but it only can use at Mount Faber.. OMG! Sorry Chai" for this inconvenience.. )
  • Drink Tolak Angin everyday for keep you healthy (haha)
  • If you brought a baby and a senior, its better for you to use taxi.. coz they cannot walking too far

Overall, it's so refreshing for me
But, I think for next trip, we have to wait until CP 2 years old or we do not go too far for travelling ^^ 

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